Friday, April 1, 2011

lowering my carbon footprint

I realized I really don't like microwaves(on the whole kick about things giving you cancer). Or processed food. When I was at home there was a lesson in relief society about self suffiency. We were talking about the kinds of food we buy, etc. Down there everyone lives in farms, or have huge gardens(like my mom) so they grow everything. I can't do that up here in the city it's not practical. My bedroom is bigger than my backyard, and we have damn jackrabbits that eat our flowers, could you imagine if I planted a garden? I'd just be feeding the neighbourhood hoodlums. So, when I got back I looked up how close our local farmers market was(it's seriously just down the street) so I'm going to support local growers and buy my produce from there. *I'm improvising since I can't exactly be self suffient-I don't have chickens/cows to slaughter or a garden* I'm going to let locals be self suffient for me. Ha, this sounded better in my head. But you get it.

This summer I'm going to buy all my produce and meat from the farmers market. I'm kind of excited. It's suppose to be way cheaper... WOOHOOO for all the bulk green beans I can get my little hands on!

I've been looking into redecorating my room. Getting a few new pieces, and getting rid of a couple. The furniture in my room isn't the best(I'll admit, some of it is from Ikea-that's not really lowering my carbon footprint now is it. Whoops.) anyways. I've been looking online, and at garage sales for a new tv stand-ish thing, and a new dresser..mine's a little small--however, it would be just right if I stopped shopping/got rid of a bunch of things. So I think I'm just going to sand it down, repaint it and put some new knobs on it. *good as new* I'm also going to make my own headboard.

*those who know me, know that this little task that seems like it'd only take a weekend, will probably take me all summer. 1. I get ADD and side tracked alot 2. Anything that is suppose to take a short amount of time, always ends up taking forever with me because I screw up so many times!

Wish me luck.

How are you going to reduce your carbon footprint on this earth?



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