Friday, April 1, 2011



I love tanning. I tan very well. I look way better tan.

My mom loves tanning. She tans well. She looks good tan.

It's in my genes.

I love it when people tell me that I'm going to get cancer from tanning.
FACT: you don't get cancer from tanning. You get cancer from burning(I don't burn)

P.S these people who tell me I'm going to die from tanning are alcoholics(for the most part) so my reply? At least I won't get liver disease and my kidneys still love me.

If you want to get into a debate with me about this. Let's brawl. Or, maybe let's start a list of the things that won't give us cancer...that list is probably shorter, than the list of things that do give us cancer(or alleged things that will)

So why do some people 'look down/give a hard time to' people who tan? Yet no one gives people who binge drink a hard time for killing their kidneys and liver? hmmm....



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Heather said...

Aw shoot. I always burn! That's what I get for being a pale ging I guess. Seriously though, I can't even step outside in the summer without burning! Okay, I COULD wear sunscreen but it smells bad and makes me feel sticky. And besides that, I want some colour too! Even if the only colour I can get is either bright red or spotted. As beautiful as my red hair make me, sometimes I just wish I was normal!

(Yeah, I just said that. I get a kick out of encouraging the ging-haters!)