Wednesday, March 30, 2011

450th post.....

that deserves some sort of reward...does it not?

I wish I had something spectacular to share with you. But I don't. I'm sitting at home after a lovely lunch date with my bestie, awaiting my nice little trip to the I thought I'd blog. Normally I'd watch tv. But I'm all TV'd out.

So here are some random thoughts:

-My dad is really sick right now, which makes me wish I had stayed home a little longer. He usually gets really sick around this time of year, so it's to be expected, with a little R&R, some IV antibotics he's usually good as new...but each time it's still scary.

-I just had the best lunch date ever with one of my co workers I haven't seen in 6 weeks. Our reunion was full of squeeling, giggles, and filling each other in on all the gossip we've missed.

-Some big things are going to be taking place in the next 6 weeks at work. I'm super excited about it. A pilot project we were working on before my surgery got approved and so within the next 6-8 weeks we'll start implenting it. I've got a feeling I won't be so excited once I'm transitioning. Oh well.

-I'm really embarassed of the scar on my leg. I didn't think I would be. But I am. It's not attractive for girls to be full of scars.

-I really like to take my pants off the minute I get home. Sweats, scrubs, jeans, you name it. I hate wearing pants. I took my clothes off a lot as a child. ha.

-I am constantly on the go, and so I have like 3 difference changes of clothing in my jeep at all times. I change while I drive. At stop lights. So if you're ever in Calgary, at a red light and see a girl removing her clothes. It's just me. It saves me time. BUT, I found out, that...that's kind of illegal. I'm not sure how illegal it is. But who knew I was so good at breaking the law(cause I'm dang good at changing in the car)

-I bought some creamcicle iso whey from GNC- I normally hate protein drinks. But Tastes just like the jamba/booster juice creamcicle. I'm in love.

-I've been cruising around the city with my windows rolled down, blarring music. Welcome Spring. I've been awaiting your arrival.

-I'm not going to Utah this weekend for conference. First time in YEARS I won't be there. You bet your bottom dollar I will be there in October tho, so get ready to party(ps. Ryan get ready to battle.)

-I've been having dreams(scratch that. NIGHTMARES.) about going back to work. Trish, told me at lunch today she had a dream I came back and I was WAY prego. The way she described it was hilarious. However. I promised her I was not pregnant. Thank goodness. How would I explain that one?

-I hung out with my other bestie yesterday. Her daughter is my favorite little girl, and she absolutely LOVES me. Except that one time yesterday I made a funny noise(I thought it was funny) it scared the living hell out of her and she started screaming the "this girl is trying to kill me" scream. I felt so bad. We took her to the mall. She got to experience what most people don't get the pleasure of experiencing in this life. I can't even experience the shenanigans that go on when we're together but I love it, I'm pretty sure she's going to fit in well with us. Which is good, cause she'll be the 3rd wheel with us for the better portion of her life. ha.

-I never leave the mall empty handed while make up shopping with Saren. Sephora hates us.

-I was too cheap to buy a huge bottle of tinted moisturizer so I got 5 different samples of 5 different brands that will last me a year.

-I'm listening to backstreet boys right now as I type this. I'm the only one home, so it's turned up super loud, and I'm singing at the top of my lungs. Pretty sure the mailman just heard everything.

-My lower back is killing me.

-I love my bed. It was the best feeling ever sleeping in my bed for the first time in 5 weeks.

-I've been on the go every since I got home. It's so refreshing to fall into bed at night knowing that I deserve to be tired. *however, I am hear to declare that sitting on your butt doing nothing all day is tiring.*

What are the random things on your mind?



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