Saturday, April 2, 2011

General Conference

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My Stake President encouraged us to ask for personal revelation when going into meetings at our last stake conference in Jan. That's what I've been doing.

Today I went into the first session(which was amazing-Canada is getting another TEMPLE) with a few things weighing on my shoulders. Some things that I needed answers to, and somethings that I could just use a little comfort in dealing with for the next little while(is 20 months considered a little while?)

I took notes, as I do in most meetings, and I **'ed the things that were revelation. While cooking lunch I was counting how many **'s there were. In that 2 hour session alone I had 6 of them. Six pieces of revelation specifically for me.

I feel better.

My favorite talk(if you're allowed to have a fave) was the talk on Pain by Elder Richards. I already can't wait for the conference ensign to come out and we're not even into the second session yet.

My fave Quote: " Nothing you do will bring him back, anything you do will make it worse." -- It doesn't really make sense in any sort of context to the naked eye. But it speaks volumns to me. It's what I needed today. Sometimes you just need to do nothing. Stop being pushy. Wait it out.

What was your fave talk?


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