Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Don't judge me for judging.

This is another one of those "oh wonder you're 25 and not married posts" so before you say anything. Don't. mmkay! I know I'm borderline crazy, but I'm not the only girl who feels this way.

I know why I'm not married. Because I'm tall and I'm picky

Being 5'9 and a girl, has proven to be challenging at times, for the most part it's pretty rewarding(I'm an athlete).

Now, I'm not still single because I'm tall. I'm single because I'm tall AND picky

Short boys give me a complex. I feel like a giant-ess. I can't date boys that are shorter than me, and guys my height are about 3-4 inches too short. It seems like all the guys interested in me these days are shortiepants. Super nice, sweet, way good looking, awesome guys. Just short. Short guys don't get my mojo running. I like tall guys.

A girl a work with(who is short) told me not to be so picky. Ha. Says the girl who doesn't have to worry about the height of a guy because EVERYONE is taller than her.

I'm not sorry I'm a height snob. I know that my persistance in waiting around for the perfect tall guy will pay off. haha. I hope. Errr... I can promise you I will never EVER eat my words and marry someone short. I just won't do it. I can't. It would go against everything I believe in.

Last night I was talking to Ash, and so I think she knows where this post is coming from, But I was dying laughing while talking to her, because I started out being 'slightly' interested in this one guy(who she did not give her stamp of approval on). He was shorter-ish. My height. Well. The more I hung out with him. The shorter he got. Last night was the first night I clearly noticed he was shortER than I was. I actually was looking down at him when talking to him. The slight interest in him was gone. Immediately. No joke.



Natasha Louise said...

found your blog through ashley's, girl you go find that tall guy, I'm a right shorty, but I once dated this guy who was the slightest bit taller, and I hated it...

Lachele said...

Thanks for stopping by!
I can't even tell you how high on my list this trait is in a husband. It's next to Temple Worthy(I slightly wish I was joking, but I'm not)

Don't get even get started on short girls who date tall guys. I'm not okay with that either! They need to stick to the regular sized guys.