Friday, April 15, 2011


So I've gone 3 weeks without bread, pasta, refined sugar, candy.

I'm still alive. And I'm not a grump(too much). I was talking to Kait. I was super frustrated and I blurted out that I needed chocolate. How many times do we do that? Well, in my case I use to do it all the time. Then I realized I don't actually NEED chocolate when I'm frustrated. I just need the gym.

I wanted to try an experiment. I wanted to tempt myself to see if I'd give in. Kait thought that was ABSOLUTELY crazy. Which it is. But I wanted to teach myself self control, since I have none. I taught myself how to be a runner, so I figured I could teach myself how to have self control.

I was in walmart looking thru the easter candy(I've refrained from even looking in the candy direction) and almost forgot it was easter, however since I was on a mission I needed to get junkfood. I took one look at it. Grabbed 5 things, and over the course of my shopping trip I randomly put the 5 items back on the shelf after realizing how crazy it was. Why would I play with fire?

I'm going to wait until the Easter bunny brings me my treats. Then I'll see how long I can make them last.

Fingers crossed.

*P.S I met a really cute, tall guy at the gym the night that I posted about not liking short guys. I knew that God would reward me for being patient ;) haha!


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