Saturday, April 30, 2011

Burnt Out....

There aren't many times in life when I will admit defeat.

But this time is one of them. My white flag is raised.

I came back to Calgary 6 weeks after my knee surgery. I hit the gym...and I hit it hard. I had 6 weeks worth of energy that needed to be worked off.

I was feeling on top of the world. The things I was doing weren't anything grand, by any means. But for a girl who had just had knee surgery. This.Was.Big.

I was warned by family and friends that I needed to be careful. I needed to pace myself. I told them I was fine [every competitive person out there would have said the same] I was optimistic. I was ready to hit this head on. And kick it's butt.

To succeed.

4 weeks later. Here I am. Writing the post that was obviously enviable. The post that 90% of people knew would be coming at some point. However, I'm proud to say [this is the competitor in me coming out] that it came later than everyone had anticipated. So HA. :)

Right before I went home for Easter I was feeling sore. More sore than usual. I'm very quad deficient. So that's where I was feeling it the most. My calf was sore. My hip was sore. So. While I was home I was bound and determined to take some time off and relax. By friday night I was going mental. Saturday I looked into buying a bike. Sunday the easter bunny brought me one, and I was riding. Ha. I didn't even make it two days. How did I manage to make it 6 weeks?

**I'm staying within the limits set by my surgery protocol/physios recommendations**

This last week I started feeling aches in my left knee. I knew I needed to take it easier this week. So. I listened to my body and did just that. I took it easy. And. I felt like I did nothing. Ugh. So frustrating. This week my mind has been racing. My mind has been playing tricks on me. After my not so good weigh in this week, and feeling burnt out. I'm left up the creek without a paddle.

So I am re-evaluating my goals. I'm re evaluating my nutrition with some professionals. I'm looking into other options for cardio. Arm bike here I come. FML. I took this week as a semi pity week. Tomorrow is my last day of pity. As of Monday. I've got a new plan.

A plan that others have helped me create. It's hard to ask for help. I feel like I should know just what to do. But the things I know to do. Aren't working. Boo. So I need to shake things up a bit. Which is where Kait and TrainerBoy come in handy. Kait is helping me redesign my nutrition. I'm now not just counting calories. I'm getting deep into the break down of all my macro nutrients for each meal[don't worry I don't really know what that means either] And. I'm having my trainer help me re create my workouts. My workouts with him are awesome. It's my workouts without him that I feel need a little something more.

I'll keep you posted. Please tell me other people are feeling the way I am...Right?

I'll feel dumb if I'm the only one.


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Teri said...

you are definitly not the only one!! It is hard to be a go getter all the time, and especially after a rough weigh in it is easy to be mad/sad/sick of it all. I think healthy living is just as much of a roller coaster as life and other relationships. Sometimes it is so easy and it all clicks, and other times it is a struggle to keep above the water. is a really good place to track all your nutrition, they can keep record of any nutrient you want.
GOod luck and give yourself some slack :o) you rock.