Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This girl Rocks.

This ladies and gentlemen is Ashley Hart. She's cute. She's my friend.
Both of those are given. Just look at her.

She fixed my blog for me. She put pictures on my header, she added all the lime green and purple. This makes me like her even more. Who doesn't like someone who does things for you. I sure do.

This girl is my go to girl. She has heard some of the most craziest things that have ever come out of my mouth. She's the first person I text when something funny, happy, amazing, sad, depressing or insane happens. Just ask her.

The funniest thing ever. We've never met. Check this out. She was married to one of my good friends. Her ex husband served his mission in my ward for the longest time. He sent a bunch of pictures home to her. She put them up on facebook and I saw them. We started facebooking, texting then I'd randomly call her. I've known her for over two years. But everytime I headed to Utah/Idaho she was always gone. The stars have just enver aligned for us. But they will soon! Yay!

Go to www.divorcedand20.blogspot.com to check out her story. She's just as funny as me(okay not as funny, but she's still really cool) Ugh. I wish that I could learn how to link other websites to my blog. I think I'm secretly a 72 year old woman trapped inside a 25 year olds body. I need to take a computer class.




Ashley said...

that is very true you are way more funny than I Am! but thank you mucho gRANDE!

TheSinglesWard said...

Haha she also thinks we're creepy old men...

Lachele said...

hahahahahaha.She does think you're creepy old men.

ha. You're too nice. I should be in bed. I can't stop blogging about T. I just keep saving all these edited posts. Kill me now.