Friday, March 11, 2011


The most awkward award goes to none other than me. Lachele Daisy Louise Wickens. ha.

Okay, so last week I was looking thru all my friends on facebook. I had over 1,100. I did one of those fb purges everyone raves about. I deleted people I hadn't talked to in ages, people that I went to elementary school with, highschool with, people I went to college with in Utah, people in my old wards(people in my current wards). <--- let me explain. Some people add me to facebook. I accept if I know them(gracious I know) but then they never talk to me at church, fhe or firesides. Instead they write on my wall after event saying "I saw you tonight, I was going to come say hi, but then I lost track of you so I didn't. You looked adorable tonight" FACT: you did not lose sight of me. I saw you hover over my friends. Thanks for the awesome comment. So those people got deleted. Now I am down to 835 friends. I should probably delete even more. However, there are a few of 'those' people on my friends list I'd like to keep tabs on from afar. Everyone does it. I'm not the only facebook stalker. I could probably put it on my resume these days tho. I blame all the added stalking on the fact that I can't drive, or really leave my house during the day.

Well last night I saw on my newsfeed. Courtney comments on Brians photo. So I clicked on it to see what photo she commented on. It was way cute. So I clicked on Brians facebook. Lo, and behold...dun dun dun. It says "add as a friend" WHHHHAT. No way. Mistake. I didn't mean to delete him as my friend, he's super cute. Shoot. How do I get around this one? *wait.... did he delete me?... oh damn that's way awkward.* Well what do I do. Do I add him back thinking it was my fault. Or do I add him backing thinking it's his fault only to have him say "creep I just deleted her."or do I just leave it and sulk because he deleted me. ha.

Well, I was over it until I woke up this morning and saw that one of my blog followers deleted me too. Rude. I'm sorry I'm boring. You're missing out. (or not) whatever.

I never use to think deleting people off facebook was a big deal, until last night when I saw I got deleted. Or I deleted. Either way. I texted Amanda and said I hated facebook. ha. Drastic I know. To all those people I deleted(that I still see, I hope and pray that it's not awkward between us when you find out I deleted you.)

I'm over it now. Brian was a missionary here when I was like 19. I hadn't talked to him in probably 5 years. He's not married, living in Utah, he's I'm probably not really missing much.

So. Deleting people off facebook. Thoughts? Do you do it often? This was my first time. When you see someone has deleted you do you get all offended(Like I did..which ps. I'm way embarassed about) I'm curious.




Heather said...

Back when I HAD facebook I used to purge all the time. Like once a month I would go through and get rid of people I thought were boring. Most the time I would ask myself, "Do I ever want to look through this person's pictures?" but more importantly, "Do I want them looking at MY pictures??" That was the decider.

I'm proud of you for purging.. haha, it's a big step.

{S} said...

I totally do a "facebook clean up" like every couple of weeks! I totally went to made sure you didn't delete me though... don't k? LOL! I have had a few things like that though.... I delete them and 2 days later they ask to be added back. Weirdos!