Friday, March 11, 2011


So one of the last posts I wrote about was how I was super unmotivated.
Well right after I wrote that I got way motivated.

I've been on a cooking/baking kick. My family sure loves it. It takes me a little longer because sometimes when I'm standing too long my left leg starts to hurt.. Ha.

But I've recently hunted thru a bunch of family favorites, my personal faves, and recipes that my friends and I make(I've blogged about Holly and Cora. We have the best cooking dates EVER)and I've made them cleaner recipes. Then I've calculated all of the calories in the whole dish, and made out the cal count for each individual portion, as well as fat content, carbs, fibre, etc. It's alot of work. But dang I am so proud of myself. I'm making myself a dandy little cook book. *For those of you know know me, know that I am not at all a cooker or a baker. Looks like there's hope for me yet*

I've been cooking dinner this whole week for my family. My mom says she's not sure she's going to let me leave if I keep cooking like this. Whoops, sorry mom. I'm leaving but I'll be sure to come back more often.

So this is where my blogging buddies come in handy. Over the last few weeks/month I haven't been getting alot of comments on my posts(none actually) but I know you read my blog. I have a blog counter ;) so do me a favor. Comment. Comment with your FAVE recipe, clean, or unhealthy and then each week I will post a recipe that I've made clean, and done the cal count on. We can share. Ha. I wish I would have taken advantage of all the times there were fabulous recipes out there that I could have taken a copy of. I was a lazy little cook before. But now I am having so much fun with this. I'm looking for ALL sorts of recipes. Side dishes, main courses, appies, desserts, drinks. Anything! And maybe once everything is all said and done I will send you a cute little box full of all the faves.

Please please PLEASE help a sista out!



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Teri said...

I am lazy so I can not write the recipes now. But I have a site I like on eating clean... it is I think. It has some good stuff.
I made a shrimp salad(clean) sooo good, a mediteranean pasta and I am really really thinking of trying quinoa.
I am new to this eating clean phenomenon. BUt I like it!!! Maybe I will get busy and post recipes on my weight loss blog. Good job getting all yours put together.