Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hi, My name is Lachele....

....and I like food.

Seriously I love food. I think I've gained a good 4 or 5lbs since being off work and at my parents house.

I'm going home tomorrow. I'm going to miss mi madre and mi padre. But I'm not going to miss all my aimless eating. My boring binges.

When I'm in my 'city rountine' I'm usually on the go alot. Going from home to work, work to the gym, gym to one of my many meetings, or to chill with friends so I have to take every chance I have to prep my food, and eat it. When I'm constantly moving I don't eat alot. Which is good.

My mom can eat whatever she wants and not gain a lb. I got her great skin, but I didn't get her great metabolism. Thanks alot. However, I love my skin.

Yesterday, I went out with a way good friend to Lethbridge. Amanda(I love you) has been kind enough to take my out with her when she's needed to go run errands. I was telling her how much I thrive on routines. I wake up at the same time every morning, I take breaks at the same time, I eat lunch at the same time everyday, I take the same route to work every morning, I get to the gym at the same time everyday, I see the same people. I like doing things in a way that I know work. I like doing things that I know I like.

I hate being bored. I eat alot when I'm bored. I don't really eat alot when I'm busy. So busyness please come soon! My waistline misses you.

I read somewhere that you shouldn't eat when you're FLAB:


I've been flabbing alot lately.

And. I miss the gym. Yesterday Amanda and I were talking about how I would need to work out 10 hours a day for the next 10 days before I go back to work, to equal the workouts that I've missed for the last 5 weeks. I'm slightly crazy from the medication I'm on and thought I could do it. Until I woke up this morning and was sore from walking around the mall, walmart and costco yesterday. I think I'm mentally prepare to get back into the game, but not physically.

HOWEVER, In November one of my goals is to take a week off work(I have tons of vacation time) and work out all day everyday for that 10 days. Is it doable? Yes, because I love the gym, and I love working out. I'll feel like I'm on the biggest loser ranch(ps-I love the biggest loser. I cry every week) One time I told my mom I'd gain 100lbs just to weigh enough to be able to go on BL and work out with Bob and Jillian. I'm pretty sure she was ready to disown me at that point. who wants to weigh 250lbs? *sorry to anyone who weighs that.

I'd love to say that this is a random post. But it's not. All my posts lately have been random. All I know is I'm excited to get back to the city, get back into a routine, hit the gym, start eating like a rabbit again(although I've enjoyed being spoiled by all the presents/treats people have brought me) However I'm sure my clothes will thank the little bit of give the gym will give them.

I'll probably be blogging alot about the gym, working out, eating right and posting recipes. *I've got alot of stuff saved in my edited folder, almost ready to post* My first stop when I get home is to GNC to get more protein and supplements. Mmmm I think my body will be happy to be back on all it's healthy goodness. Amanda bought creamcicle protein yesterday and now I'm jealous and crave it.

What are some of your favorite supplements/protein drink flavors.



Disclaimer: I re-read over this post and made it sound like my mom doesn't feed me good food. She does. OH boy does she. I just snacked alot, on the treats people have broughten me. However. Did you know that no where in the Town of Taber do they have bulk green beans? No where. I've really been having withdrawls.

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Liz said...

Equate weight loss shakes: vanilla flavor or the best!

however I just use them for a snack instead of a meal...

by the way I love the new set up.