Thursday, March 24, 2011

Eat Clean

This book is amazing.

I've had it for a really long time. I highly suggest you pick it up. It teaches you alot of correct eating principles. Portion sizes. Workout to Eating ratios. It's fully of alot of good infomation. Gives you ideas on how to make meal plans that work for your specific goals. I haven't felt better than when I was applying these prinicples.

I'm sure most of you knew this. But I didn't til last Christmas. Exercising is only 20% of the weightloss science. Nutrition is the other 80%. Who knew. Not me. I thought I could eat whatever I wanted as long as I worked my butt off.(ok, well it worked in highschool.) I know... I know. I'm highschool anymore.

This is actually good news for me. Since I'm not able to do any cardio right now(I haven't tried biking yet. Monday. Wish me luck.) I need to rely on my diet.

Weight has always been a tender subject for me. Show me a girl that doesn't think about her weight, and I'll give you a high five. I think that because this has been touchy for me, that not working out has been harder for me. I've always had to work hard to stay in shape. *Mainly because I love food*

I love this book, and I love the reminder it gave me to eat clean. I hate getting personal on here. I like being the light hearted, go lucky girl who blogs about the random fun things. But to be honest. This has been on my mind alot lately. So I will blog about it. I've always been jealous of my friends who blog about the things they think. I blogged last week about the best friend. *who's letter I still haven't sent* So why not blog about exercise and eating properly.

Oh....wish me luck.

I always feel better when I put these good principles to use. Making them a habit. Falling off the bandwagon is so hard. The next 3 weeks are going to be rough.




Teri said...

I want that book!! I am obsessed with everything to do with Oxygen magazine and clean eating too. I love Tosca Reno. The girls from Oxygen who have blogs are really good too. I found another great blog you should check out, it is on my side roll called the getinshapegirl. SHe is preparing for a bikini competition and has a TON of good info on her site.
It is weird because if you really only have gained 4 or 5 lbs being off the gym for 5 weeks that is pretty amazing. I had to take almost 8 weeks off for surgery from Nov- Jan, and I didn't gain anything (I wasn't living with my family who took care of me though so that's prolly why.. all I ate was easy stuff to get to)... but now that I am back to the gym I have gained about 4 lbs. And for most people they say who cares about 4lbs. But people like us care. And It annoys the heck out of me!! I am really starting to think it has to be the difference in the muscle/ from the weight lifting. So I took more pictures. Pictures in my two piece have a way of really opening up my eyes.
Had the best clean sandwich yesterday from Oxyg. mag....
-2tbsp plain non fat greek yogurt mixed w 2 tbsp craisens (don't try the mixure with out the sandwich it tastes sick)
-put that on top of one toasted piece whole grain bread(have you had killer daves? so good, you can get it at costco or other whole foods store)
Cut 2 pieces of turkey put on top of toast and yogurt mixture, then throw a bunch of spinich on top. Top with another piece of toasted bread
FANTASTIC I tell you!!!

Kelsey said...

I now want to get this book really bad! Thank you for sharing.