Friday, February 25, 2011

My name is Lachele....

and I'm addicted to

It's a shameful addiction. Okay really it's not.
I got a 10 punch pass for MMA kickboxing classes for $10(regular $375)
I told Kait how excited I was. She didn't seem too excited for me.

They have new deals of the day each day, and I can get them if I want.

I've never really been one for online shopping, but over the last week I've found myself, and my shopping karts super full. I'm also debating on a mini mani, mini pedi, and a facial for $39. Who else can get two hours of pampering for $39?

You'd be silly not to scope out this website. They're is pretty much a blog like this for every city.

I'm going to be living a lavish lifestyle for the next few months! Whoever is in Calgay, and wants in on this action. Let me know which package your buying and I'll join you on a spa getaway.



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