Monday, February 28, 2011

My little Buddy!

Okay isn't this the more adorable picture you've ever seen? Well my parents got this little guy, and last time I saw him he looked like this!

and when I came home last time he looked like this.

Cat's are not my favorite. I'm more of a dog person. A big dog person. Not those stupid little football sized things(those creep me out)

Well this cat. PITA is his name. It stands for pain in the ass. No joke it does. My mom is pretty witty.

This cat acts like a dog. It hangs out with my parents golden retriever. You call it, he comes. You tell him to sit. He sits. Not a normal cat.

He's super cuddily. I love it. He's been my little buddy lately.
I've been pretty much glued to the recliner in my parents family room, cuddled up with a green blanket(I'm cold no matter what). He sits on my lap(off to the left-I taught him fast that the rightside of my body was no where for a PITA to be. I accidentally kicked him sending him flying on the first night I was home. It was a reflex.) He cuddles with me. I just love having him. Anytime I get up to do anything he is right there beside me. My crutches amaze him. He climbs all over them, he attacks them when I walk.

I think this cat has changed my mind. I love cats(well just this one) I may or may not accidentally pack him in my suitcase when I leave.



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