Monday, February 28, 2011

Honeymoon week is over.

So this last week has been a slack week.

I was allowed to sleep.

I was allowed to self medicate.

I was allowed to ask my parents to put my socks on my feet, and to get me a diet gingerale.

I was allowed to not think about real life adult stuff, I was allowed to pretend I was a kid again.(It was blissful.)

.....but then I woke up this morning.....

With a billion things on my to do list.
Things that make me want to stab out my eyes.

Can I please tell you I am really annoyed with Golds Gym. I've heard SO *so* many bad things about them. When I lived in Utah I worked out at 24 hours fitness(that's when I heard everything bad about GG.) We don't have one of those here. So I choose Golds. I was treated very well, given a good deal, and life was blissful. I signed up at Mckenzie Towne location(this will all make sense) but I work out at the Northland location. Apparently their systems are not linked. So when I hired Brett as my personal trainer it was kind of a pain in the neck to get everything situated. We figured it out. The manager at NL is awesome. Jamen has become one of my good friends. He told me that after my knee surgery I could call the MT location and they'd have no problem freezing my account so I'm not paying all this money when I'm not able to work out.(P.S--I pay alot for gym/training...but it's worth it)

So last week I tried calling them. Left a couple messages. I decided I wasn't going to worry about it until this week. So I called today. HOLY HANNAH. Did they make a huge hissyfit out of the whole ordeal.

*Normally you HAVE to come into Golds to fill out all the paper work. (okay, well I'm not in the city, I can't drive, and I can't come the time I can come in... I'll be ready to work out again.)

We can't do it over the phone.(can you fax me the papers so I can fill them out and fax them back to you.) Nope we can't. So I kind of get all sissy, throw a little bit of a fit, throw Jamens name around and suddenly it's okay that everything is faxed to me. Wonderful. Crap. I don't know my parents fax number. Neither of them are home. Ha. they were not impressed with the fact that I needed to call them back with that.

Oh ya. Just one more thing. We need a note from your surgeon saying you can't work out. I kind of wanted to be funny, asking if pictures of the inscions would be enough but decided against that.

.....Make a call to the Surgeons office. His OA(office assistant) is so dumb. I tell her who I am. And before I can even tell her why I'm calling she says

"do I know you?"

--Umm yep, you ask me that everytime I speak with you. I had knee surgery Feb 18th. I left some paperwork for Dr.H to fill out and have faxed to the hospital so my pay can get taken care of. Has he done that yet?

--what paper work? Uhhh, the paper work I gave you as I was discharged. Right before I threw up and had to go to Emerg for an hour...

--OH YA. I remember you. Umm, I don't know where that paper work went. He probably has it.

--Uhhh alright. Well I need a Dr note saying that I can't work out so my memberships can be froze.

Sure thing sweetie. Shoot me an email and I'll have that taken care of right away. Oh ya, remind me about the paper work so I can get on that for you.


This is what I look like right now.

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