Friday, February 11, 2011

I have nothing to blog about....

yet I'm still blogging--so you know this is going to be a post full of really random stuff.

This time next week I'll be sitting in a hospital room all bandaged up from the hip down on the right side.

I have to be at the hospital at 6am.
We need to leave my house by 4(If the roads are good) 3 if they're not.
Heaven help me.
I probably won't even go to sleep that night.

I've had 4 surgery dreams now. Ha.

They told me they do worst cases first. Looks like I'm #1(I like being #1, but not #1 for the worst things.) ha.

such is life.

I have so much to do this week. So many people to see(who want to see me before I take a hike for a month)


Last night while Trainer and I were training he kept saying he couldn't wait to see me walk back into that gym in 7 weeks brace free(I say I'm going back in 6 weeks). Then he proceeded to tell me that jumping squats will be my new favorite thing-and that I'll probably hate him for a while. ha. He knows me all too well. I have a love/hate relationship with being pushed to do things. I love the feeling after I'm pushed but hate the person pushing me ;)

Trainer boy is funny. We get along really well. Last week I thought I had a mini crush on him. That ended fast when he stood beside me for the first time and I was 2(ish) inches taller than him. I could see the top of his head looking down. That's attractive.

What are some good tv series/movies I should try to get my hands on for the next 6 weeks? I've got two seasons left of LOST, and then I could probably start my OTH seasons again, but I want to try something new. Also, any good books? I'm pretty much down for anything that will keep me busy.




Heather said...

Oooookay. I'll make you a deal. If we can have out cake pan back, I'll give you some good TV shows to watch!

Okay, I'll tell you what they are anyway.

The Office, Big Bang Theory, Community, Glee, Vampire Diaries, How I Met Your Mother, Chuck, ... I could name more but I'm a little brain dead right now.

We have, um, all of those on the portable hard drive. Judging by how quickly you've returned our cake pan (zing!), Eric might not want to lend it out but we'll see.

Take care! Don't die on us.

Lachele said...


Ahhhh.. Frick. I will return that to you lovelys before I go away.

Scouts honor. Even tho I'm not a scout so that really has no merit. But I will. I wrote it in my day timer!

Thanks for those. I'll probably watch most of them online, or convince someone to buy me the seasons haha..