Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A post my mom probably shouldn't read.

But because I said that she will.

I live in a pretty good city. Alot of bad things happen, but they never happen around my house. I live in a pretty good part of the city.

Last night I left the gym and was going to stop and grab some diet coke for the girls(yes I hung out with girls on valentines day-go ahead laugh.) It was one step better than my last Vday.--I went to a chickflick alone and cried. ha.

Anyways I went to grab some diet coke before heading over to the pizza/bachelor party and I stopped at the 7-11 in a maybe not so good part of the city. I get out. Lock my doors. I notice a guy standing against the dark side of the building, and another one sitting ON a snowbank with a man who's standing kind of in the light holding all these papers trying to talk to people and show them his drawings. I got a little creeped out but kept walking. He stopped me and started to talk to me but I told him I was in a rush. Just as a glanced back at my jeep I saw my interior light go on(it only goes on if someone tries to open the door while it's locked) I started looking at the man who was trying to break into my jeep(these 3 guys were working together) the man showing me his drawing looked me dead in the eye(I have no problem looking people in the eyes but this dude was creepy) He reached for my hand to try to shake it, and told me "you better get out of here right now".

I jumped into my jeep and seriously sped out of that parking lot so fast. My heart was racing. Those 3 could have easily done something to me..seeing my knee brace they'd know they definately wouldn't have to chase me down. I can't even run.

It was so scary. I HATED that. I got to Paiges and was freaking out. I'm never ever going back to that 7-11 ever again. I still get shivers just thinking about it. The man had a huge scar above and below his left eye. **he reminded me of Scar from Lion King, he looks just like what I would have pictured the lion to look like if he was human. * BAH. Gross.

I've always been a paranoid mess going anywhere late at night on my own. I hate getting home late at night by myself. If there is anyone walking past my condo, or if I see anyone when I'm driving into my community I will wait until I see them pass.

You can't ever be to cautious.



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