Monday, February 7, 2011


To call out of the hospital that I work at I have to dial 9 then proceed with the number.

Well this morning I went to call a hospital down in Lethbridge to get some info sent on a patient that was coming in and I dialed 9-1-and then my finger slipped and instead of pressing 403 for the area code I pressed 1 again.


I hung up before it dialed so I assumed that it would be fine. I swear the police come WEEKLY to the hospital because of this.

I went to go on my morning break. I came back and there was no one in my office and a note on my computer "Lachele, Call the Calgary police to let them know you're okay."

I had 5 messages left on my voicemail.

I checked them all. 3 were from the hospital security, 2 from the Calgary police.

So I called the security back to let them know I was okay when one of the receptionists lead two officers back to my office.

They had spend the 30 minutes I was on my break looking for me.

Ha. Whoops.


I learned today that when you accidentally dial 911 that they'll come(even if it doesn't ring)

Atleast I know if I'm ever in crisis that someone will come looking for me.




The Burrows Family said...

I got a kick out of your story. haha, who woulda thought they'd come if it didnt even ring? But i guess you can look at it as a good thing. I havent chatted with you in forever! Hope you're doing good!

Lachele said...

ha-apparently its the safety feature or something.... who knew.
it was too funny tho.

I am doing well-your little girl will be here so soon! I can't wait to see pics of her. How are you guys doing?