Monday, January 24, 2011

Tis my Birthweek.

Yes. Birthweek. Not just birthday.

I have a birthweek, which pretty much means I just play all week. It's amazing. I have the most fantastic friends that humor me, and will play all week with me. I love it. It's not much different than the playing I do most every week, except the fact that everything is focused on me...cause I'm the birthweek girl. :)

I love anything to do with having the spotlight on me. Which is also why I've instigated half birthdays. That's right. I was always wayy jealous of the kids who had summer birthdays(weeks) so I gave myself a summer birthday. I've even convinced the girls I work with that half birthdays are freakin legit. I got half a birthday card, and half a birthday cake on July 29th. <--- see they humor me.

This year it started off FANTASTIC. Saturday was the beginning of my birthweek. One of my good friends does nails, waxing, pedi's and facials. She invited me to her spa and I got a facial from her as my birthday present. I was able to sit back, relax and listen to the sounds of the ocean while I caught up on the latest in her life. I had a very high caloric starbucks drink(which was worth every calorie) bought myself a nice little book, and hung out with friends eating pizza. Yesterday I slept in... woke up to the warm sun in my bedroom(love the sun, and love that it's soooo nice in Jan.) had a nice breakfast, enjoyed church, took a glorious nap(I won't tell you how long it'll think I'm lazy)

This week is full of friends taking me to dinner(almost every night this week someone is taking me to dinner) and Saturday on my actual birthday I'm doing something with Kait and Ruthie during the day(which they're planning and it's a surprise) then I'm going out to dinner with my closest and best friends then we're going out to Karaokee where a bazillion of my dearest friends are going to sing their little hearts out. We love Karaokee up here in good ol' Calg Alberta.



Oh. PS. two things. ONE- 3 weeks til my surgery(can you believe it, ya me neither, now you'll never have to hear about my knee again....well after rehab.) and TWO- Backstreet boys and New Kids on the Block are coming to Calgary during Stampede. Holy cow am I ever excited. I've seen both of them, love both of them, and I'm so excited. You better believe I will be one of the first to get tickets to that concert!.... okay. THREE- I got a new personal trainer. ha. He deserves a whole blog post in itself. That's coming up next.

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