Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm famous...and it's my birthweek!

Ahh Brett my trainer ripped into me last night. He's trying to prepare my upper body for the torture of crutches for four weeks. I can't straighten my right arm all the way my biceps hurt so much. ha. I changed my mind about him. At first I thought that he was quiet and that we wouldn't have anything to talk about. However, last night was fine. We chatted and it was good. I think we'll be great friends.

Okay, so that's not why I'm famous. I'll tell you why. On July 13th Backstreet Boys and the New Kids on the Block are coming during Stampede. Remember how I love them? Remember how I saw both of them in concert within the last 2 years? Remember how it reminded me I was half my age? Oh YES! Well they weren't going to come to Calgary. The closest they'd be was Vancouver so I was fully prepared to fly out there for that epic concert. *p.s anyone who disses boy bands are on my preverbial shiz list FOREVER* so choose your comments wisely. Anyways, so yesterday I got this bright idea to call into the radio station that is giving tickets away. I just so happened to be the 10th caller thru to qualify for some draw to enter to win 1000.00 bucks.(which when I win, will clearly be to purchase back stage passes to BSB/NKOB tickets) So the jist of it, is that I got to request the song I wanted and if they played it sometime this week between 12-1pm for the 'lunch break boootay shake' my name would be in the draw to win at the end of the week. SO, my name is now in for the draw AND I got to listen to 'I want it thhhhat way' by my 5th grade crush Nick Carter. They had me say a little blurb like people do and they play it during commercials. Well for the last 24 hours they've been playing my blurb(this is where the 'I'm famous part of my title comes into play) and it's my birthweek. :) Just thought I'd remind you!

This is my childhood dream. My two music celeb crushes growing up were Nick Carter(BSB) and Donny Walburger(NKOB) **Yes, I realize Donny is almost as old as my mom**
EEEEEKS, Kristina and I were jammin' to some BSB and I was definately singing into my stapler microphone!

So happy.

What a FANTASTIC week.



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