Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A lil something something.....

I want to share with you a little something something Brad Woemack taught me last night on the Bachelor. Well it was his shrink. So I guess I should thank Brad for paying 500 for that time that he spent with him, to teach me something, that would eventually probably save me thousands of dollars on therapy.

Everyone who wants to fall in love needs to be vulnerable. Being vulnerable creates an empty space in you, that can be filled by someone else. If you're not vulnerable, and if someone comes into your life there will be no room for them. That's why you drive people away.

My girlfriend Shae says "Lachele, He just solved all your boy problems."

Ha. Funny. Thanks Shae. You're funny. Not. However this is true. Maybe that's the reason I'm single. Maybe it's just because I'm too damn cool for all these Calg boys.

I would just like to thank Brad for paying $500.00 for that shrink to say those things. ha ha.

Now if ANYONE tells me watching the Bachelor is trashy I will just teach them what I learned and they can go 'Brooke' Themselves(quick what tv. series is that off of.) I can only think of ONE person who might know this. That would be Ash.




Ashley said...

i told someone to go broke themselves the other day! I LOVE OTH

Lachele said...

You did not disappoint!

Sarah C said...

Awww... she got to it before me... but I totally knew it was One Tree Hill too!

Anonymous said...

haha this season of the Bachelor just isn't doin' it for me. I feel like once a commitment phobe, always a commitment phobe. Maybe i'm just bitter. :)