Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Sometimes in our culture words get abbreviated.

Okay so all the time. It's no different when it comes to alot of the LDS lingo(Latter-Day Saints.) see. My point exactly.

Sunday night I was having dinner with some friends who were going to a MSA Fireside(mid singles fireside. 25-35) They invited me, mainly because there wasn't enough time to drop me off at home and still make it to the fireside. So I went. Ugh. Biggest Mistake ever. I ran into a friend of mine. We sat with her. She looked really surprised to see us. I told her I was about two weeks early for this but not to judge me(I turn 25 in a few weeks) She looked at me and told me I was about 4 years and 50 weeks too young. It was a SA(Single Adult Fireside 30+[death]) fireside. AHHHHHH No wonder no one looked anywhere NEAR my age.

I was mortified. Not many things make me feel awkward. But this did it. It was a really fantastic fireside. I enjoyed myself after I got over the humiliation of being jail bait to these men.(I considered myself jail bait, just go with it) After the fireside this guy with 'salt and pepper' hair was eyeing me down. No Beuno(I'm doing Troy proud by using the little spanish I know) I grabbed Jess and tried to leave. We ran into one of my friends who is 31. We stuck by him the rest of the time. These guys invited us in for refreshments and I think were trying to pick us up. The SA girls definately hated us. The guys(what I would call the eligable bachelors in SA were talking to us) and not them. Sorry girls.

I'm sticking to YSA(YOUNG Single Adult) activities. Remember what happened when I snuck to the MSA conference and the weirdos I met. You think I'd have learned my lesson by then. Guess I like to learn things the hard way.



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