Tuesday, January 4, 2011

That Person....

Everyone in their life has THAT person...whenever you see said person you casually try to dive into the nearest room, or join any random conversation. Even if the conversation is between strangers.

Well... Meet Bruce. He is 4 years older than me in school. So I kind of only knew him back in the day. The only thing I actually knew about him was that he was weird.

Much to my dismay he was one of the very first people I saw when I went to my first fireside in Calgary. He tried to take me under his wing, introduce me to people. I was fine tho. I was making my own friends.

He always talks about the past, and about high school. "The good ol days" as he likes to call them. Normally every conversation turns to Remember when you use to play basketball with my cousin..so and so, and so and so. Yes. Bruce I remember. Then he proceeds to tell people he use to watch me play basketball in high school(remember how he's 4 grades older than me) yup, a 20 something young man coming to high school GIRLS basketball.

Anyways, Sunday night I was at a random girls birthday party( I feel bad I crashed, and I never did get to meet the birthday girl) I walked in and Bruce was the first kid I saw. He came over, we made pleasant chitchat, he asked me how my family was, and how my Christmas was. I thought I was rolling out of the conversation pretty well. Very well actually. No talk of basketball(sports are a touchy subject me right now) THEN....ugh.. "So, I was at the Alumni Basketball game on Tuesday night and I was honestly really surprised not to see you out there playing in the girls game, all your senior girls were there, Diane, Blaire, Kaylee, Karli, Bonnie. I thought for sure you'd have been there" I kind of wanted to stick my right leg in his face, and knock him in the teeth with one of my hinges. I smile and said.. Probably next year, and that I was pretty sad about not being able to play.

He made it even worse. I tried to walk away. He kept talking. Then he started telling some blonde boy I didn't know that I played basketball, and I was decent. He then said loud enough for me to hear. "She probably won't be any good after the surgery. Might be a little depressing for her to get back into it after"

Stupid people. I was kind of upset. Not so much anymore. I just can't wait to have surgery, and be able to play in the old ladies league Wednesday nights at the church. ha.


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