Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Everyones NYR's will be the death of me...

For the past 3 days at the gym(minus Sunday cause I didn't go then, but am just assuming) has been a ZOO. Literally. A zoo.

Almost everyones NYR is to get in better shape, lose weight, tone up, etc. Which means everyone buys new gym memberships. Which means there are WAY more people there when I go. Which means I don't get 'my' <--- and I don't use MY lightly I have my own treadmill at the gym(everyone knows it's mine, that's why it's always free when I get there)... is taken by the time I get there at 4:45. I'm going to have to wait out the next two weeks until everyone that signed up last week decides to quit, or I'm going to have to teach those newbies a lesson. My fists aren't named Total(left) Domination(right) for nothing ;)

So far my goal of not eating fastfood is doing well... I'm down 4 days already, I only have 361 to go. ha. What are some of your NYR? I'm curious.

P.S I've already de-cluttered my room. It only took me 4 hours yesterday. I popped in some One Tree Hill season ONE into my laptop. I got rid of 3 garbage bags of clothes(and still have minimal room in my closets) 1 bag of garbage and I re-arranged everything. It definately feels different already.


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Kinsey said...

Ugh - I remember January at the gym and kind of resenting all of the newcomers haha - yes it is crowded, but in a couple of months it gets back to normal!