Monday, January 10, 2011

Hi my name is Lachele...

Remember that time I blogged like 4 times in one day for like 3 days straight then went MIA for like 6 days.

Yah. Sorry about that.

I'm here. I'm back.

A couple funny things. 1. Saturday night this lady in my Stake(we had Stake Conference) comes up to me, I've met her a couple times. She served in the Stake Relief Society Presidency when I was in my ward presidency says to me "has anyone ever told you you're ACTUALLY really pretty."

Nope. They pretend to tell me. Ha. Sometimes the way people say things makes it sound totally different than they meant for someone to take it. Like that time.

Normally I would slightly be why would she use the word actually. Right now. I just don't care.

I loved the CES broadcast last night. I'm pretty sure Elder Christoferson wrote that especially for me. Stake conference the last two days. I'm pretty sure was centered around Lachele Daisy Louise Wickens. Pretty sweet to have all these things specifically catered to me huh?



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