Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day Three- 8 things I couldn't live without.

Two posts in one day.

Whoops I forgot about yesterdays. Okay, so I was too busy having fun all day. There's this app I could get on my phone that would allow me to blog from my phone. I strongly decided against it. I'd blog every 5 seconds.

These are the 8 things I can't live without. Aside from my Family, Friends and the Gospel. Those are givens.


This hairspray is a Heaven sent. I love it. My hair does not move an inch with this stuff. I swear by it. Thanks to my darling friend Saren for showing this to me.


My Ipod. I love music. I love dancing. I love listening to it. I love working out to it. I fall asleep to it. This thing is my buddy.


My running shoes. I wouldn't be able to workout, play basketball, football or volleyball without these. I've really missed being able to play sports. It's one of the things I'm looking forward to being able to do.


If I don't have time to do anything else while I'm getting ready. This is my go-to item. A little Mascara and I can feel so much prettier.


Before these bad boys were popular/they had one that was good enough for my hair I would use a clothes Iron. Yah. All the way back in jr. high. I love my flat iron. I love straight hair, I love curling my hair with it. I just love it.


Comfy, cute workout wear. I love Lulu clothes. They're the best for running to the gym, and running errands.


I don't even think I need to explain this one. I love my phone. I love texting. I text alot.


I love love love burts bees. It's the best, and the only thing that I will EVER use before I apply color and gloss to my lips. Yes, I use 3 different applications to get the results I want.



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