Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Secrets Out.

Okay, well it's not really a secret...but people around here are starting to find out I have a blog.

I don't really tell too many people.. for a few reasons. 1. I talk about a lot of personal things on here, that I don't mind COMPLETE strangers knowing about me, but have a hard time with acquaintances knowing. 2. I tell a lot of really funny, yet very unfortunate stories about people that they probably wouldn't find as humorous as I do. 3. When I do tell people I blog I always get the same response "what, you blog? WHY?"

A friend of mine last week told me that she was reading my blog, killing herself laughing because when she was reading my blog she could hear my voice commentating everything she was reading. She says I blog like I talk. I was exactly sure how to take it, since a lot of times my posts don't make sense, there's tons of spelling errors and punctuation. So for those of you who don't know me. Apparently I blog like I talk. So now you know how I talk. If you'd REALLY like to hear my super sultry voice just give me your number and I'll leave you a spicy little message ;) haha!

One more thing. I always go back and read my posts after I've posted them. Not to check for spelling errors, or grammar mistakes, but to make sure I think it's funny. A lot of times I give my own stamp of approval. I think I'm funny, I find the stupid things I post about very entertaining...and I'm pretty sure most of you do too, cause you read it. I think that means I'm slightly narcissistic.

Okay, so one more thing. It's the prettiest little blonde haired blue eyed girls birthday today. Happy 6th Birthday to my beautiful amazing little niece. She is so stinkin cute. I took her for a birthday surprise last week. I kidnapped her from her mother and we went to build a bear. She was SO excited to be in there. We made the cutest little rabbit named Rosie. Ahh I just love her so much. I called her today to wish her a happy birthday and she's sick. She was so cute tho, her voice would crack and she sounded like a little old man. She kept getting mad at me cause I'd laugh when her voice would crack. I can't believe she is getting SO big. Pretty soon she's not going to think her Aunt Lachele is too fun. Dang it. I sure hope that day never comes. Everyone at the mall thought she was my kid. She must take after me, cause she's dang cute ;)


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