Friday, December 10, 2010


What comes to your mind when the name Elle is said?

Legally Blonde right?


Now do I remind anyone of Elle from LB? didn't think so!

In highschool some people use to call me Elle...rather than Lach..or Lachele. You can probably tell that these people didn't really know me that well.Cause it's not even a good nickname

Nicknames from people that I know are okay, nicknames from people I don't know very well are not okay. I think nicknames are a pretty personal thing. There are only a handful that I like/tolerate and I only like/tolerate them cause they're from people I love.

My mom always called me Chele(shell)

I don't really ever remember my dad using my name(unless I was in trouble.)

Kayla called me Shelly Belly. (hated that one ps.)

Kait always calls me Drama Mama(totally true, but I dislike it none the less ;))

Some girls on my basketball team would call me Wick, Wicky, Wicks, Latch-elle(said in two syllables. So annoying)

This guy named Aaron use to call me PL(Princess Lachele) only because I refused to answer him when he called me anything else.

Ryan use to call me Lady-anyone who calls me lady now automatically makes me think of him. Bleh.

One title/nickname I hate being referred to is 'Sister Wickens' It makes me feel so old. Gross. Maybe if I went on a mission it'd be different. But I didn't, so it doesn't.

Point of this post. One of th Dr's I work with always ALWAYS calls me Elle. I think it's because he can't pronounce my name and doesn't want to ask. He use to mumble fdgfd-elle. Now he just calls me Elle. One day I want just say LA CHELE. LA SHELLE. feel free to practice it. ha. I have a pretty good relationship with him so I wouldn't feel awkward asking him to say my name properly. However, it's been almost 3 years since I started working here and I haven't corrected him yet.

If you know me, and you know of a nickname I've forgotten feel free to leave me a comment, and how you know I have that nickname. I have a few more that I just choose not to share ha. They're embarassing. Also, what are some of your nicknames. I'm curious!

Happy Friday