Friday, December 10, 2010


Okay, so let me preface this by saying I love love love love love my parents.

But sometimes I just want to stab out their eyes. Sorry mom(remember how much I love you?)

So I got a call from my Surgeon today. He said he would most likely be seeing me sometime between mid december-mid jan right? So for the last month I've been expecting surgery within the next 6 weeks. WELL, looks like I'll be waiting a little bit longer. They gave me Feb 18th. Bleh.

I called my parents after I got off the phone with them, I was pretty upset and my mom was happier than a CLAM to hear that it was feb 18th. BLAH. Why? I wanted a Christmas Miracle. Definately not a Christmas Miracle. Lame. So she hands the phone over to my dad. I tell him Feb 18th. He says "Oh that's wonderful hunny" Well dad, no it's not. Because I was expecting to get surgery within 6 weeks. His reponse. "Well it's only 8 weeks away" GRRRRR. I just wanted someone to validate how I felt. I was grumpy that it was Feb.

Then he goes off saying the pro's and con's

- I can build a little more muscle before surgery.
- I can keep starring at the hot guy two treadmills down from me longer(seriously everyday this week he's been two treadmills away, one day I'll say hi)**I added this pro. my dad doesn't know about hott boy.
- I can save more money for while I'm off to (shop) Okay so I added shop. I can do alot of online damage with my laptop and credit card ;) I'll buy myself presents to make me feel better. How can anyone say no to that?
- I won't be laid up for Christmas.
- I won't be laid up for my 25th Birthday.
- I won't be laid up for Valentines day--however that might have been a good excuse not to go on a date with someone. I hate valentines dating with someone I'm not dating.

- I have to set my rehabbing back a whole 4 weeks. That might not seem like much. But it is. I probably won't be able to dive all summer(they want me to wait a full 6 months post surgery to resume something like that)
- I can't play football this summer(yes I plan on playing again)
- I have to put my spin instructing off til the end of 2011 instead of fall 2011.

I know the con's are lame, and the pro's are legit. HOWEVER, this leg brace is starting to cramp my style. All my friends are going ice skating tonight at an outdoor rink(my fave thing skating outside) and I have to sit by the fire and watch. Lame. Double Lame. So sad.

I'm planning on a two week vacation for myself sometime after the first 3 months.. any ideas? I'm thinking of going to the Bahamas to see Ashley at ClubMed. I should be able to do some diving there, because they'll load all my gear on the boat and I can dive off the boat so I won't have to walk with the heavy gear. Where else should I look into going?

P.S if anyone wants to send me get well packages complete with treats from the states/canada and coloring books feel free I will send you my address(hoping you don't come kill me) I'll even send you a picture I've colored. Any takers? I also like flowers ;) ha ha

Happy Friday.



Stephanie Olsen said...

I hope you get that knee fixed soon and feel better!

Anonymous said...

Diving in the Bahamas?! Can I come?

Lachele said...

Tell me who you are, and you can come!

ty said...

Well if you insist! I went diving in Key Largo earlier this fall, and it was great. The bahamas would be awesome haha...

Lachele said...

Nice to meet you Ty looks like you're my new best friend....

Ashley Eliza said...

cute blog girl! hope you get everything figured out!!