Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Funniest Ever!!!

So I just got an email from a friend of mine serving a mission.

He's serving in the Washington DC South Mission. He was my home teacher before he left, and that's how we became friends. We'd BBM(blackberry Messanger) til all hours of the night. We'd talk about our respective boy/girl problems. He was just a good kid.

Anyways so I'm all about the random email subject titles. Well... A few weeks ago I emailed him and the subject line was. I'm pregnant and you're the father.

I thought it was hilarious. He want to show his companion a couple pictures I had emailed him a few weeks prior to that, and when he opened up his email there was another email from ME, with the subject line as posted above. HE DIED. He was so embarassed and his companion was really confused. So he tried to mumble his way thru explaining how I am really random, and how I just say the most inappropriate things and the most awkward times. Whoops. Sorry.

In his email to me he says " Lachele, you know that I love you, and I love hearing from you however, you need to be a little bit more appropriate. Sometimes I don't know why we're friends. You're INSANELY out of control and I'm freakishly incontrol at all times. I guess opposites attract." <---- Direct quote. Ha. That just made my day. The fact that I knew he would get all awkward about that title whether or not his comp saw it or not and I did it anyways, to me is just sooo funny. People always try to make me feel awkward and it doesn't work. I don't get awkward. Well unless you count the time I was talking about something really funny, highly inappropriate at the Stake Presidents house and he walked in. That was bad. He scares me. *Yes, Holly, your dad scares me! However, I promised him I would try to be more appropriate and that I wouldn't put anything inappropriate in the subject line. I may or may not have said I couldn't promise the contents would be completely appropriate tho. Jks. I'm not that bad.

Another funny story about email subject lines. Sometimes Holly, Cora and I will send emails to each other at work. Well Cora is a teacher, who uses a smart board(remember when they used CHALK boards. ya me too.) so she asked me to make sure that I was completely appropriate with my titles because her emails pop up on her smart board and the kids would see whatever the title was. I was slightly upset that she warned me. It would have been funnier if she didn't, and I said something highly uncalled for and all her students saw.

Point in case. I'm extremely inappropriate. It's a curse. I think it's hilarious. What an awesome curse to be blessed with. However, in 2011 I will try to be not so inappropriate, or dirty. <-- I know that will be hard. But I promised I'd try. Key word. Try. If I fail I'm okay with that ;) atleast I tried. I'm really not that hard to please!


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