Wednesday, December 15, 2010

850 bones down the drain!

You heard me.

Wanna know why I just threw away $850.00

It's called Photo Radar. If I ever become the mayor of Calgary that is the first thing I am doing away with.

I speed. I get it from my mama.

Photo Radar is my enemy. I just drive fast. I can't help it. I tried.

Well this year I had to pay 850.00 in tickets before the end of December or else I wouldn't be able to renew my insurance on my jeep by the end of the year.

I think I will try not to speed as much this year. Except would it be bad if I told you that I've had to pay almost double what I paid this year in years past. Yah, that's bad. Whoops.

Do you know what I could do with $850.00? Cause I sure do. It pains me to pay that much money to the city of Calgary.

I would like to make a 2011 resolution to not have to pay anything. Normally I like to go big or go home. I know that I won't be able to do that tho, Why set myself up for complete failure at the beginning of the year? If I can keep 2011 tickets under 650.00 I will consider that a success. Disgusting huh? Please keep in mind I won't be driving for almost a quarter of 2011. It's definately attainable. ha.

P.S-- Mom, don't tell Dad. I don't need another lecture.
Thanks loads!



Single Ladies said...


you go girl, slow down and keep that money in your pockets...maybe buy yourself some new jeans with all that extra moola!

Anonymous said...

Atleast I don't get caught...

Sparks said...

One word for you, wow...

Think of all the wonderful things you could buy with that!

Liz said...

haha... OH MAN!

I'm sorry that sucks. Good for you for making a change.

New Years resolution. I need to make mine more reasonable for the coming year... ha ha

Lachele said...

I already can afford to buy new jeans, new everything and still have 850.00 to spare for stupid tickets. Which I is bad. Apparently I'm suppose to slow down on the shopping too. There's an intervention being placed on me soon.

Hmm.. obviously you don't know what photo radar is. They're little cameras at random intersections in the city. You only know you get caught because of a bright flash as you're goin thru. Garunteed you'd get caught. Silly anon.

I'm going to TRY to make changes. Ha. No more inappropriate Lachele, no more speeding Lachele. I need a few more resolutions.

Ty said...

Ok, so depending on what kind of jeep you have, we might indeed be new best friends...

Lachele said...

Haha I have a new Grand Cherokee Laredo... I love it!