Thursday, December 23, 2010


Can it be tomorrow at 1pm already? That's when I get to go home. Hello roadtrip tunes and ice cold diet coke. I swear that's the only way I'll be able to make it the 3 hour drive to my parents house without dying.

I was so exausted I went to bed at 7:30 last night. I slept straight thru until 6:30 this morning.

I'm achy, I'm sore. My hair even hurts. I look like someone ran over me with a truck.No a sight to behold.

It's been such a busy week. Work/personal-social life busy.

I've been trying to tie up loose ends at work. I want to leave tomorrow with no paper work on my desk. Unfortunately, when I get one thing cleaned off, two more have appeared. Curse you. I was talking to someone today. I closed my eyes and they started watering. I looked like I was crying. Ha. I forgot to put make up on this morning. I went to bed with wet hair last night. I'm a mess. Just picture it. But don't picture it too much. It's not pretty!

Speaking of wet hair. Last night I fell asleep standing up in the shower. I woke up cause the water turned cold. Do you know how grumpy one can get having to quickly rush to wash your hair/body in cold water? Note to self: tonight. Wash hair/body then fall asleep in the shower.

I highly doubt I'm going to leave my parents house at all over the next 4 days. Maybe, just maybe I'll go to church. But if I don't- Don't judge me.. mmkay. I need to sleep.

Dear Mail,

I would like a letter from my best friend before I go home for Christmas. I think it's the only thing that will make me ungrumpy. Scratch that. Being able to breath while having my mouth closed will make me happy. However, a letter from Provo Utah will surely make this sick little lady happy just in time for Christmas.

Love: Lachele



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