Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We Wish You a Merry Christmas....

One thing I love about Christmas is all the fun things I get to do. Things that normally I would do, but since it's in 'season' I don't get weird looks for.

Like singing. alot.
smiling at people.
singing. tons.
buying presents(one for me, one for mom, one for me, one for dad.) ha you get the drift.

Anyways. Last night we went caroling. I've always gone caroling. However last night was the most interesting caroling experience I've ever had. First off I was the only girl in my group. The rest of them bailed into the other two groups. I had one guy who wouldn't get his hand off my leg while we were driving. Speaking of driving the vehicle we were being transported in needed to be started with a screw driver. I really should have just ended my night right there. However, if I hadn't I never would have experienced the next 3 events.

House 1.

We start singing Deck the halls. Or half of us did. The other half were singing jingle bells. The lady opened the door half way thru the song, and pleasantly stood with her front door open trying to heat up all of southwest Calgary. We ended with we Wish you a Merry Christmas. She thanked us, said it was a lovely surprised then asked "am I the first house you kids stopped at?" we replied "yes" and she goes "Yah, I can tell you're still practicing" hahahahahahahahaha

House 2.

We went to visit some less actives in our ward. We get to this girls house and we can see people in their front room decorating a Christmas tree. As we walk up to the house we can see them dart out of sight from the window and they were standing so tall and trying to be sneaky against a wall that was directly across from the front door. The front door had frosted glass but we could still see the outline of their bodies standing there. We rang the door bell then started singing Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer, and ended with we Wish you a Merry Christmas. As we were finishing up with the last song the neighbours dog started barking. I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to fall over, we were all laughing so hard that we didn't even finish the song. Before we even drove away they were already back to finishing decorating the tree.

House 3.

We knocked on his door, and could see him, then we also saw him hesitate and walk back up the stairs. We rang the doorbell a 2nd time and started singing. He came down the stairs...opened the door and we started singing hark the hearld angels sing. Then he opened the door wider. He stepped out onto the porch and BAM, he was wearing a bathrobe shorter than mine. You know those ones you get from Victoria Secret that are short? Well it was like that, but man style. Chicken legs. It was so awkward. It was -26. I was cold and I was dressed for the occasion. Poor kid. Sorry about that homeboy!

We decided to pack it in, and call it a night. It was such a random night. Normally we sing a few songs, give them a plate of treats, and some sort of Christ centered print out and we're on our merry little way. Last night was not the case. We weren't equipted with treats or messages. I felt kind of lame. I may or may not be trying to redeem myself sometime in the next few days. Perhaps after the Nativity tomorrow night. Who's in?

Merry Christmas Everyone.



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