Monday, December 27, 2010

Dear 5 guys:

I am so glad I got the chance to have you when I did. Which was today. It was the best burger I've ever eaten. It's also going to be the last fast food burger I eat for a whole year. The fries are delicious, the diet coke really hit the spot. Thank you for opening a place in Lethbridge.


Lachele Daisy Louise Wickens

This morning my mom and I went to Lethbridge to return some stuff that I had gotten for Christmas, and to get me some new running shoes. Ha. Doe's anyone else find that as funny as I do? I bought brand new runners when I haven't ran in 6 months. I needed new gym shoes so bad. Where the mesh and rubber meets on my shoes there are HUGE holes. I got new ones for 60% off. How could I not get shoes when the price was just that good? I think that's my reasoning for buying half the things I do. I normally get sweet deals, so I just convince myself that I just need to buy it. But rest assured I really did need new shoes. I probably didn't need any of the other things I bought. However. I wanted it. So I bought it.

My dad was in Lethbridge doing some running around as well, so we called him to see if he wanted to meet up with us for lunch. We decided to go to 5 guys. Now they just opened in Canada, and there is one in Calgary where I live and all my friends have eaten there, but I just never have. Let me tell you, it was sooooo good! My burger was delish.

One of my new years resolutions is to not eat fast food for all of 2011. I'm secretly trying to figure out a way to NOT consider 5 guys fast food cause technically I had to sit and wait for it, just so I can eat it when I go home. However, that's not really the way it works. It was by far the BEST thing I could have eaten as my 'last meal'. I think I'm already excited for 2012 just so I can have another burger. mmm so good!

I had absolutely no intention of cheating in 2011, cause I just don't really like most greasy fast food, however after 12:47 today my mind has changed and I'm having an internal debate as to whether I want to tell people that's my resolution so if I cheat no one will know, or if I'm actually going to try to avoid it.

This just might be the biggest test of Self Mastery I've ever faced.

Let's see if I win or lose.




TheSinglesWard said...

5 Guys is BOMB!!! It's totally not fast food. Eat your little heart out!!!

roadworthrunning said...

5 guys? Fast food? NOOOOOO!

Lachele said...

Don't say that!
I will eat it....alot!