Monday, December 27, 2010

Crazy old Ladies, Little kids.

Yesterday I went to my parents family ward. The ward I grew up in. It's always so funny whenever I go home. You never know who's going to corner you in the womens bathroom and grill you on your life.

Yesterday was no exception. Except for the cornering in the bathroom part.

The Sunday after Christmas when tons of 'kids' are home from school/holidays they do this thing where they call on them to bear their testimonies and give a little yearly update. Every year I think they're going to pick on the other kids, and every year I get called upon. It's almost easier to stand over the pulpit and say -I'm still single, I got hit playing football and I'm awaiting surgery, that's why I'm sporting a sexy black knee brace under my dress, and I'm still working at the Hospital. However, I got grilled by a few people for specifics on 'how many boys did you date this last year, did the person who hit you say sorry after football, and do you still like your job'

This old lady who was old when I was in highschool(so she's realllly old) took one look at my left ring finger and said 'Maybe next year sweetie' HA. I'm pretty sure she said the exact same thing last year. Oh well.

Last night my good friend Kathryns little brother Darren had is going away party. He had his farewell eariler and had some friends over for dinner and games. I've always been pretty close with their family so I went over to see him. He's going to Mexico and reports to the MTC Jan 5th. I got to catch up with Kathryn and her parents, and as the kids from Darrens party were leaving I was looking at all of them and I knew I recognized some of them as my friends little sibbligs, but alot of kids I didn't know. So I'd constantly ask 'who is that?' Yah. Most of them were the little 8-9 year olds that were in primary when I was graduating highschool. Now they're graduating highschool.I use to babysit alot of them.

The volleyball girls I coached my first year of coaching were in grade 8 at the time graduated this year. That made me feel old.

Moral of the Story. I love coming home, cause old ladies are FUNNY. Those little kids need to stay little so I don't start feeling like I should have wrinkles in tight places and I hate So.Ab winds.


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