Wednesday, December 29, 2010

11 for 2011:

My 3011 is already off to a pretty good start.

My 2011 Goals are:

1.No Fast food

2.Fill my gas tank up when it's half full.

3.Go to the gym 4-6x a week for 60 minutes

4.Make my bed every morning

5.Grow my hair out

6.Eat a clean diet 6 days a week

7.Attend the Temple Monthly

8.Save $200-400 a month for a trip to South America to volunteer for a month

9.Hang out with my Family more often

10.SIGN UP for an Institute class.

11.Get rid of useless clutter.

Theses are pretty easy. Remember I like to keep my expectations low. Not because I don't think I can do it, but so I can remember them. (I have a horrible memory.)

#2 seems really lame, however I can count on the hands and feet of my whole family the amount of times in high school(and maybe in college...and maybe in real life right now) I've run out of gas and needed AMA to come bring me gas. No joke. This one time in high school I was driving to the school to meet my team for an away game. I was 2 blocks from the school and my car ran out of gas. I parked the sucker where it was, grabbed my jersey bag and RAN. Called my dad and went off to Lethbridge or wherever to play. My parents every year buy me AMA for my birthday. It pays for it's self within the first few months(oops)

#3 has a little stipulation. 4-6x a week up to my surgery and then starting up again as soon as my Surgeon gives me the okay.I'm going about 3x a week right now.

#10 needs a little explaining. I never actually enroll in institute classes, because then I'd actually have to go and be accountable. I like to just stroll in and out whenever I want too(only problem is, I never EVER stroll in) However, IF I sign up, I'll make an actual effort to go. So, this is me making my effort to go. Let's see how I do.


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