Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My name is Robin, and you have a sexy name

I'm a tired little girl.

It's 10:46. I just got home. I left my house at 7am. You do the math.

It's been snowing buckets the last 3 days. Calgary drivers BLOW at winter driving.

Yesterday, was D DAY!. It was touch and go. I didn't think my parents were going to make it to my appt. We made it to Banff with literally a minute to spare. Good thing the clinic was running slightly behind. My surgeon is great. He told me he'd be seeing me early Jan. WAHOO. I told his nurse about my Christmas Miracle. She's going to try and pull a few strings. See what kind of juggling she can do.

This just might work.

He told me to walk lots, and ride a bike. I got the green light to do what I've been doing for the last few weeks.

Did you know I could have gotten a handicapped sticker. Ha. How sweet would that have been? I'd have framed it after this whole ordeal.

Yesterday was a long day full of driving. Even longer for my parents. I'm grateful for them, it was nice to spend a day with them. :)

So my post title is confusing. My name isn't Robin. However, I do have a sexy name.

I was at the gym. So today. I walked on the treadmill for 60 minutes. I like to push myself. I wasn't in pain and I had sometime to kill before I met with a friend for dinner. After that 60 minutes, I had 60 more minutes to kill, so I biked. So this guy kept walking past my bike, and I made the mistake of making eye contact with him. What does he do? He comes over to talk to me. Asking me how much cardio I do, and so I told him I was rehabing a knee injury before surgery. Of course everyone has a story to share. He introduced himself as Robin. I told him my name was Lachele, to which he replied that I had a "very sexy name". What. No one has ever told me I have a sexy name. It's a normal name.

So this convo happened while I had been on the bike for 15 minutes. He came back at 30 minutes to confirm my name, and that it wasn't Michelle. **He was pretty funny. Not my type what so ever. but pleasant**

at 49 minutes he came back a THIRD time to ask how much longer I had. He stepped around my bike to come up behind me to look at how much time I had left. He totally got a little too close.

After the 3rd time I got a little creeped out. Good thing that's not my normal gym time. I hope I don't see him again. He was hanging out around the cardio machines when I was finishing up so I texted my friend Tiff and told her that if I called her and started talking dirty to her, that she just had to pretend to be my boyfriend(not that he could hear her on the other end) I just had to make sure she was prepared for the things that would have come out of my mouth. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

My mom called me while I was in the changing room. Thanks mom. I don't think I filled her in on this story. However she saved my life. He was sitting on the couch out by the boot room. I think he was going to follow me out to my jeep. Good thing I was on the phone. I did carry my keys in between my knuckles just in case.

You never know who's behind you, and considering how slow I am. I take all the precautions I can.

How many times is too many times for someone to introduce themselves/stop to chat at the gym? I personally don't like to talk to people at the gym. It's faster if I just get in, do my workout and get out. Unless I know the person I won't stop to chat. It's weird. Which is slightly unfortunate because there are alot of hot guys at my gym. Maybe I could make a few exceptions. I was telling this to some friends I had dinner with earlier tonight and they were nervous it was fatal attraction. Jks. They laughed because it seems like random things like this happen to me. I think it's just so I can blog about them :)

Happy Winter. Ugh!



Sarah C said...

Hahahaha... I think you have a weirdo magnet installed in the back of your head or something! Ask them to remove it when you go in for your knee :P

Lachele said...



If anyone knows the brunt of my stories it's probably you. Oh Robin. Let's see if I see him again tonight. I could always go work out in the womens only section if he talks to me 3 times in the span of 25 minutes again! ha