Thursday, November 18, 2010

375th POST!

I should get some sort of award for blogging from all my readers.

Feel free to send me presents. I like presents.

This is just another random colaboration of thoughts.

I hate using fake names on my blog to protect peoples identities, because I can't remember the fake names I gave them. *Josh* I just had to look that name up from like a bazillion posts.. So he is crazy. Tuesday he was coming thru Calgary on his way to Vancouver for the week(driving his little car on those roads was seriously glutton for punishment) I told him he probably shouldn't have came, and that I wouldn't even be going to Banff unless I was going in my parents SUV(or mine) He was being a jerk(as always, I don't even know why I still talk to him.) Mainly cause it's fun to make him mad(shoot don't tell him mmkay?) at noon he asked if we'd be "getting together" while he was in town. I laughed, said no and left for Banff. He didn't text me for the rest of the day then RANDOMLY out of the blue at 11:30 at night when I was getting ready for bed he says "wow, are you usually rude to someone who bought you food last week?" *He bought me Chinese food cause I forgot my wallet. Layla was suppose to lend me the $$ but Josh got the tab. I didn't want him to buy me dinner because I KNEW he'd hold it over my head. Which he did. It was late, I get slightly grumpy when I'm tired. So I politely snapped back. "Are you always a dick to a girl who goes out of her way to let you stay at her house TWICE when you could have slept in your car, AND made you and your buddies dinner." Ha he hasn't talked to me since. Ha.

I love random friends. Not weird friends. But those randoms that you meet/become friends with by chance. Every other Wednesday night I get togeother with two girls that are just that. My random friends. Holly, Cora and I served together in a Relief Society Presidency. I had the opportunity to serve with them the longest out of all the presidencies I've worked with(I've been in 3) I never in a million years would have EVER become friends with these two if it wasn't for some sort of force of nature. They're fantastic girls. I love them, but we have NOTHING in commom. Alright not true. Cora and I play volleyball together. Cora is 29, a teacher, super bookword-ish. Holly is 26, Communications Manager for an oil and gas company down town, super laid back, and isn't into sports. And well me, you know me. I'm none of those things. But we NEVER run out of things to talk about. I love getting together with them. They're hilarious. Last night we made a sphagetti dinner, and killed ourselves laughing for like 2 hours. I don't know HOW we ever got any work done in our presidency meetings. All we did was laugh, and act like children. It's still so funny to me that our Bishop and Heavenly Father thought it would be a good idea for that year to happen, however in our defense we were a wicked team. We got alot of work done in our ward ;) They always make fun of me because I blog. We were laughing last night about how I should start a presidency cooking blog. We make some pretty amazing things. So, a cooking blog might be in my future. Which is really weird, because I don't cook. Ever. I have been eating green beans and carrots everyday twice a day for the last week(just love them so much right now.) I love those friends that I know I'm good friends with, but I don't need to talk to them EVERYDAY. These two are just that. They're the best.

I couldn't find my snowboarding pants today, it's been snowing for 3 days and I had to walk 2 blocks to work, plus half a block uphill and I knew my scrubs would be too thin, and I'd freeze. So I put on an oversized pair of Red University of Utah sweeat pants over my scrubs and knee brace. That coupled with my white and pink snowboarding jacket made for quite the fashion statement on that 2 and a half block walk this morning ;) I think I finally starting to realize that in this type of cold it's not how silly you look, but how warm you are. Thanks for trying to instill that into me mom. After almost 25 years I think I got it now.

I couldn't find my gloves this morning. That sucked.

I hooked my lunch onto the outside of my back pack this morning because there wasn't enough room in my bag with my shoes, and purse in it. It kept hitting me in the butt. I was so bundled up that when I crossed the streets I had to turn my whole body to look across the road. My lunch swung from one side of my body and hit me on the other side. I thought it was a killer trying to get me. I screamed bloody murder. So if you live by the hospital and heard someone sounding like they were dying at 7:50 this morning it was just me. Sorry about that.

I realized I can handle the cold. I can handle the snow. I can't handle both at once.

This morning while I was driving to work I was over come with memories from this time last year. Best time ever :)

Ashley is in the Bahamas right now, and I'm stuck here. HOWEVER, I'm so excited to go see her and do some diving :)

I have friends in Australia right now. They're going to dive the Great Barrier Reef. JEALOUS! That's on my list of things to do before I die.


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