Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Boring person in the world award!

I haven't updated anything, because I haven't done anything.

Okay, that's not entirely true. I've updated my facebook status a million times this week. They've been whiney updates. I'm sick. I'm not a very good sick person. I don't handle being sick very well. I want my mama. Plain and simple.

You know those people who don't believe in medicating themselves to mask the symptoms? well that's not me. If I have a headache you better give me something to make it go away. If I have a stomach ache you better give me something to calm that bad boy. I do not like to be in pain. I'm seriously some sort of junkie. But shhhh don't tell anyone. I've gone thru 2 and a half bottles of neocitran night time, 2 and a half bottles of neocirtran day time, a whole pack of sudefede(sp)<---good thing I had a whole pack of it in my dive bag. Random amounts of IBprofen and tylonol cold and sinus. That was just last week.

When I get sick it's just enough to make me uncomfortable, but it's not enough to knock me out for a few days. It usually starts in my head/sinus' moves down to my chest, and finally ends in my stomach. It started in my stomach yesterday. Thank goodness for gingerale. I've been living off that and apple juice for the last 36 hours.

Dear Sickness,

Why couldn't you have come to me during the two weeks I was off because of my knee, instead of happening RIGHT after that, so I couldn't take anymore days off. I had to suffer thru work, heavily medicated, taking naps on my lunch break because you came at the most inconvient time ever. Feel free to leave and never come back.


Last week I took 17 hours worth of naps(not including my full 8 hours of sleep) I'd come home from work, take some medication, take a hot shower and then pass out in my bed for 3-5 hours, wake up eat something, medicate myself more and go to bed until it was time to wake up for work. That 17 hours didn't include the fact that I slept all day Saturday because of the CRAZY(not really) night I had with my friends dressed up, dancing away friday.

I'm a hurting unit. I'm starting to feel better. I got bombarded by the missionaries on Sunday. They wanted to meet with me sometime this week, just to see how I'm doing, give me a spiritual thought and what not. They're scheduled to come over tonight. Last night I tried to tell them I was too sick for them to come over. They are persistant little guys. T is coming over too, and bringing pizza. I sure hope he doesn't get offended when I don't eat it. He'll just have more for himself. That kid can put back a whole pizza to himself.

**side note. I'm listening to N'SYNC 'Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday' It just made me smile. I love this song. It's not Christmas until I hear this. I almost feel bad preparing for Christmas right now. Usually I like to wait until after Rememberance day, but I am just SO dang excited for Christmas this year.

Anyways. Sick. No fun. Boring girl.

My nap count for this week has already started at 3 hours and it's not even after work Tuesday yet(I slept for 3 hours last night) and a full 8 at night;)


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