Friday, October 29, 2010


I've blogged alot in the last few minutes.

Three times to be exact.

I've always been jealous of beautiful people. I've never really considered myself a 'beautiful people'.

Just haven't. My girlfriends-Diana,Jaylene,Layla,Stacey,Alida,Mandy,Marinda.

Now those are beautiful people.

I get told I'm pretty all the time. I never believe them. We finally figured out why.

It's kind of silly.

So Diana, is awesome. She's my latin lover(but not my lover for real) She's seriously just the best person for me to talk to, and hang out with. She's amazing. She sat me down the other day when I was having a 'wo is me day'

I was complaining about something(as usual)

She was like you have perfect- hair, teeth, smile, skin, clothes. What is there to not like?

Then I'd go off about how so and so posted these pictures of fb, and I look horrible.

She asked me. When you look in the mirror do you think you're pretty. I said yes. Cause well I do. I realized I spend ALOT of time starring at myself in mirrors. I do. It's kind of insane how much I look at myself.

She told me what my problem was. Why didn't anyone else feel the need to tell me this over the last 25 years?

I'm just unphotogenic. ha.

I can see it now. That's my problem. No need to complain. You're probably thinking I complain because I'm digging for compliments. But if you know me, you know that's NOT true. I just tell someone I want them to say I look hott today. They do it to humor me. ha. I average about 2-100 pic that I actually like of myself. So I guess when I look at pictures of myself and hate them, I think that's what everyone else sees when they look at me. But they don't.

I should have figured this out before. I have a friend. I think he's way hott. He takes HORRIBLE pictures. Pictures worse than mine. I'm almost embarassed of half of the ones that we've taken together. Not because of me, but because of him. I guess sometimes pretty people can still be unphotogenic(that sounded wicked snobby) that wasn't my intent. I guess I just wanted to share what I learned this week...because I actually thought it was borderline hilarious.

Thanks Diana. I love you!


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