Friday, October 29, 2010


I'm slightly disappointed.

Today I got all dressed up in my halloween costume. A beautiful little bumble bee.
I put on my tutu, my black shirt, and my gold glittery wings. I rocked the gold makeup.

Went to work. Brought a box of candy for people who dressed up. Almost everyone in my dept dressed up. We had spiderman, zelda, a pregnant nun, the prettiest bumble bee EVER, a couple witches, etc. I was giving out mad candy in my dept. I went down to a few other depts to hand out candy slightly uneasy that I might not have any left.


NO ONE ELSE DRESSED UP! How boring. Geez. Just because you're a doctor doesn't mean you can't dress like a fool to lighten the mood one day of the year. Oh wait. Thank you Dr.B for wearing the chicken on your head.

Needless to say I have alot of Chocolate left over and let me tell's NOT coming home with me.

Tonight is the BIG halloween party. All the girls are getting ready together. I'm getting some even crazier make up done. I'm stoked. I need to find my camera. I may or may not try to post pictures sometime in the near future.

I'm excited to go trick or treating Sunday with Ruthie. She's going to be a fairy. She's so bloody cute. I just love that little beauty.

Have fun trick or treating... I know I will.


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