Monday, October 25, 2010


The last few days I've had the opportunity to think.

I think all the time. clearly. But I've had time to really think. And Evaluate my life.

Here are some of my thoughts...

...My hinge brace squeaks when it's wet. It snowed today. It's wet. I've been squeaking all day... WD40 Please.

...I'm grateful to be a member of the Church. I went to a baptism on Saturday night. We watched the first vision. I cried. As always.

...I went to mission prep yesterday during Sunday School. I rocked it. I would have made an amazing missionary..

...I haven't written written in my journal since feb, and I really need to get on that. I use to write almost daily. Now I blog. I don't blog about things I normally would write about. Too personal. Now I need to do a recap and I doubt I'll remember everything

...I wish I was American(just so I could have my knee surgery next week) Dang you Dan! ;)Every other time I'm glad I'm Canadian.

...The lesson on patience in Relief Society yesterday was exactly what I needed..

...I woke up this morning to snow..I wasn't even grumpy about it. It brought back so many memories from last winter that I absolutely adored.

...I need a new phone. Mine sucks. Iphone 4. Yes please.

...Sometimes trials come, and turn into blessings in disguise.

...I need to go to the Temple more often.

...I love hanging out with good friends.

...I bend over backwards for my friends, but wonder where some of them are when I need them.

...I really miss my long hair.

...I miss being able to run.

...I wish everyone would stop telling me how hard it is to rehab after an ACL surgery. I'm trying to think happy thoughts.

...I miss my friends in Utah.

...I think the one person that I miss the most isn't going to come back again.

...My best friend is leaving for two years. Things are going to be so different when he gets home.

...Everyone else seems to have an easier time moving on than I do.

...I just want a hug from Chase Kotowski. Best hugger in the world.

...I loved the Washington DC postcard that Benn sent me last week. I always seem to hear from him when I need it most.

...I'm really happy to be back into a routine again.

...I can't wait until I never have to wear another knee brace ever again.

...I just adopted a little baby in Africa, and feel dang good about it.

...I need to start giving more services. My life was so much easier when I was worrying about other people. I'm volunteering at the Drop In centre downtown now.



TheSinglesWard said...

Knew it!!! You wish you were American.

Lachele said...

Beat it.
I do not...unless being an american will get me my surgery faster...then I will be an american for 6 hours! that is it.