Friday, October 22, 2010


I hate smelling like 10 different things(on me).

So last night after I posted that my skin smelt amazing, and my hair also smelt caused me to think. They smelt totally different.

My nose has seizures when I can smell to many smells at once. Don't ask.

I usually like to keep to smelling like one thing. This is why I have body sprays and purfumes and lotions that all smell the same. So after I shower I can use my lotion and then spray a little purfume on the nape of my neck and in my hair before I blow dry it(boys love it).

....Then I was thinking about how everything I use has a different scent. My hair spray smells so good that sometimes I leave the house without putting anything else on. It's just that good. Other times I have both.

I hate cross contamination of scents. It throws off the first one. Boo.

What am I going to do.

P,S I still smell fantastic. YAY ME!


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