Thursday, October 21, 2010


So more knee updates.

Cause really lets be honest. That's the majority of my life right now. Dealing with this bloody curse.

Actually. It's turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I'm so grateful for the Lords hand in my life. I am such a turd and always question the why's. It's a good thing I'm not within arms reach of him, or I'd get a smack.

Anyways. I had my physio appt this morning. My physio cracks me up. When I told her I was going to the sports med dr after my physio she got SO excited. Like beyond. More than me. That's not even really possible. That's how excited she got.

She goes you know Lachele, Dr. Irving is way good looking, and single. I may or may not have went home, pulled my hair outta my bun, put on a little more mascara and threw on my cutest lululemon pants. Oh heck yes I did.

He did not disappoint. He was extremely hott. He played with my knee a little, we looked at some xrays.....

....then he says, Lachele... Unfortunately it seems like you have a complete ACL tear along with partial MCL/LCL tears. **I've known this since it happened** But I got super emotional. I don't even know why.

So we weighed my options. He's not even scheduling me for an MRI, he's booking me straight into an O.R. AHHH!

Yup, Now it's completely official. I'm headed under the knife. Tomorrow I'm going to be fitted for my new hinge brace, and the moldings made for my custom made ACL brace for when I play sports. Now lets just hope that I can get in sooner rather than later. I'd like to be better for the race I want to run in April(which isn't looking all that promising) but furthermore I want to be ready for next summers dive season!


P.S I bought this super yummy shower gel. I just used it for the first time, and whenever I move I get a wiff of it. mmmm I smell good. My hair has my shampoo scent so when I move I can smell that too. :) <--- just thought you'd like to know I smell amazing.

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