Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Don't kill me!


So I found my bumble bee tutu and my super cute wings from last year. Since no one really got to see me dressed up except Mandy and Marinda I figure I'll just be a super cute bee again/for the first time.

Okay, Here's a question. This may or may not cause a little controversy. I'm just curious on peoples opinions.

My tutu is short. Really short. I did a horrible job sewing it. I am not a sewer. It's a punk rock tutu. Black and yellow sparkly strips sewed onto a skirt full of that scratchy black material(I can't think of the name right now) I feel stupid.

Anyways, so point is. I'm wearing leggings with it for numerous reasons. 1. it's probably going to be cold and I don't want that much of my bare leg exposed. 2. I did a crappy job sewing it and just my luck it'd come undone while I'm dancing and 3.(most important) I'm Endowed, and my garments won't come close to being covered. Now I NEVER in a million years would take them off to wear the costume. I'm not slutty(I'm not trying to offend anyone who would wear it without leggings) but even if I wasn't Endowed I still would wear something under it. BUT, here's my question why is it okay for guys to take off their garment tops to be 'Ninjas' or something like that but if I(girls) were to do it, I would be talked about for MONTHS!!!

A friend of mine down in Utah did a photo shoot wearing a tank top and she got sooooooo much hate comments on her facebook about how she was horrible for taking them off, yet another one of our mutual friends a guy, RM, did a photoshoot without his shirt off and everyone loved it. Why is there a double standard? I know so many of my guy friends who do stuff like that, yet if any of my girlfriends were to do it, they'd be easy, skanky,slutty..and all those inappropriate connotations associated with that. If it's immodest for a girl to take off her garment tops then it surely is immodest for a guy to do the same.

Okay, just sayin.

Don't kill me. Please. I've just seen this happen a whole bunch lately. I hate it.

And for the record let me remind you I will be wearing leggings under my tutu. I wasn't in anyway trying to justify myself. I just am curious. I guess it goes along with all those other wonderful double standards.

ANNNNNNNND I haven't really decided how I'm going to send the prize for helping with my costume. Maybe I'll put the names in a hat and draw one out!



TheSinglesWard said...

DO NOT be a bumblebee for Halloween!

Lachele said...

Too late.

TheSinglesWard said...

It's never too late. Don't give up.

Lachele said...

You'll live if I'm a bee wearing a tutu...

TheSinglesWard said...

Yeah you're right but we won't like it. It's ok, you can't even compare to Ryan's costume.

Lachele said...

That's okay I didn't pick my costume on an account of who will like it or not ;) and I'm not trying to compare to Ryans costume so that's alright too haha!