Monday, October 18, 2010

Taking matters into my own hands!

So I haven't heard anything back from my first referral to the knee clinic that was suppose to have been made back in August.

I still hadn't heard back from the referral that was made in my behalf last weekend when I re-injured my knee.

So When I got to work this morning I referred myself to the knee clinic. They told me they'd call me back in 3-5 days!

Why was it so hard for a Surgeon, and a physio to refer me and not gotten a response yet, but I was able to talk to someone early this morning.

Maybe I'm just cooler. Maybe I threw around I work at TBCC. I guess working at a Hospital has it's benefits as well.

Hopefully I get a call sometime this week with an appt. Life would rock. I'm ready to be out of this brace again.

Last week I was definately dragging. I'm the type of person that neeeeeeeds to be on some sort of schedule. Without it I'm lost and LAZY! Really. Lazy. I am. Ugh. It's annoying. There were so many things I probably should have tried to get done but I didn't. I didn't get any laundry done. Sick. I stayed up way to late, and woke up even later. I took my daily nap. Had lots of visitors. and just laid around.

I'm happy to be back at work. No one was expecting to see me today. I am suppose to have this week off. We'll see how I feel. I was just going stir crazy. Atleast being back at work I remember that I need to eat!

I hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL Monday ;)


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