Thursday, October 14, 2010


I don't want to make my blog private, I just want to stop someone from reading it.

There is this really creepy girl in my ward, who doesn't know me but knows me because she reads my blog, and she sent me a bunch of what she thought was 'nasty, hurtful' things to me on fb. But it just creeped me out.

I just want to be able to delete her, or block her from reading my blog all together so she goes back to knowing nothing about me!

If you know how, please let me know.



Heather said...

Sorry, Lach. It's not possible.

Who is it though? I think I know!!

Ashley said...

creeper. she sounds like she has really low self esteem!

Lachele said...

fetttch. Ging.. why did you break my heart.

She's a crazy person. Who only reads my boring blog late at night when she needs a break from curing cancer.. so she probably won't read this

Ashley said...

ha i have a few crazies on my blog.. i usually just tell them to stop talking.

Lachele said...

ha, well she keeps my life interesting and it flatters me that she feels the need to read my blog so she can know things about me!

Teri said...

i hate it when people open their mouths if they aren't saying something nice or agreeing with me. (that might sound like a joke but it isn't!)
it's like, helllllloo?!?! it's my blog, you don't like it or don't think I am cool??????? Here's an idea... DON'T READ IT THEN JACK A!!!
haha I am done now.

Lachele said...

HAHAHAHA Teri you are too cute for words!

Where have you been all my life. You haven't updated in a while. I feel like my long lost best friend got lost again! Please update!


Anonymous said...

hahaha! You make me laugh. You know she's really not all that bad if you had taken the time to get to know her. Obviously she was interested enough in you to read your blog. If you had read hers you might have found she's just a normal girl who has gone through some tough times and never meant to creep anyone out. I say this as I am a friend of hers and know the real her and that she has a heart of gold when you give her a chance. Don't judge a book by it's cover.

Heather said...

Uhhhmmm, was that last comment written in third person by the very girl you're talking about?

Good times.

Lachele said...

Which means she told you about our little 'tiff' and also told you I blog, and that she read it. So she does stalk me.

Well if she was interested in getting to know me and be friends with me, you might wanna tell her she goes about it in a very VERY horrible way. Just in case she wants to know.

Ha. PS thanks Heather for commenting on this, or else I never would have seen this little gem of an 'annon' comment. Ooo I hate annon comments. If you want to bag on me on my blog atleast be man enough to put your name to it.

Thanks for reading my blog tho!