Monday, October 18, 2010



So we need to have a brainstorming sesh.

I have a couple ideas of what I want to be for halloween. Nothing is set in stone. I didn't realize how close we were to Halloween.

I swear I started thinking about this back in August. I had plenty of time. WHERE DID ALL OF SEPTEMBER AND HALF OF OCTOBER go? Really? It's just gone. It's going to be 2011 before we know it.

Last year I was obsessed with tutu's I was the cutest bumble bee ever! I made my own sparkly black and yellow tutu and wore a back shirt and some black leggings with wings and I had crazy yellow make up. I was pretty hott. How do I top that?

I could probably actually go as the same thing again this year...I don't think anyone even saw me, because last year I got ready with my girlfriends and then got really sick and ended up on T's couch watching TV with him til like 3 am. That was a BUST! I missed the best halloween party ever. This year I'm bound and determined to rock it! So this is where all my readers come in.

I need everyones ideas. If I end up using your idea, you can expect the BEST ever thank you package you've ever recieved in your life. No seriously I'll send you all of my fave things.



Single Ladies said...

missed you lady! we're back and we'll be good blog friends, promise!

Ariana said...

you should totally go as the costume from last year if no one saw you. that would make that work all worth it.

Kate Weber said...

Sweet! I was thinking about making a tutu and being a bee this year, but I'm doing a ladybug! Since no one saw you, you should do the bee, and be the counterpart to my ladybug! :D

Sarah C said...

I'm saying go as the Bee!

Lachele said...

I was hoping no one would say the bee :( I can't actually find my tutu-granted I haven't looked for it at all and I'm sure if I checked in storage I'd find it after 5 seconds!