Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Remember Josh?

Remember Josh, and how he shut me down?

Well it turns out he shut me down, and doesn't want to date me.....*ready for this* because he's inlove with Layla. HA! Have at it girl. I'm not even the slightest bit upset. I promise.

I love her response to guys like Josh, when they ask girls like us out.(I'm not even sure what "us" girls are,but she's funny)

"why does a guy with a face like yours, think he can date a girl with an ass like mine." HA! I love Layla. She's awesome! I'm so glad she's here!

A couple weekends ago Layla and I were having dinner with Brett and Braden(ps. I really REALLY miss them) and I hate the time difference between Canada and Australia and I want them home NOW! I'm working on the best birthday present ever for B. He turns 25 on the 23rd. I just need his address. ANYWAYS, we were at dinner and I was telling Brett and Braden about Josh(cause they had met him,and thought he was SUPER werid.) and about how he shut me down. Well Brett took the liberty of telling me I had no chance in hell with him(damn it) ;)--however, I'm pretty sure by the end of the night he took that back after he realized what a cool chick I am,and how good of a dancer I was with a broken knee but THEN Braden shut me down too. I got shut down by 3 guys over the span of FIVE days. I think that's like a record or something. I think I've been shut down by 4 or 5 guys in my life and 3 just happened to be in the same week. Go figure.

So I'm saving my money so that I can fly to Australia and visit B and Braden. They're having the time of their lives right now just playing, and laying on the beach and exploring. They haven't started working yet, they're waiting to meet with all their investors or something next week. Eeeks. So jealous!



Anonymous said...

Layla sounds like a bitch

Lachele said...

You sound like a guy who's been ditched before Anon;)

Chill mmkai!