Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I heart cowboys.

Or atleast I did last night.

Layla was laughing at me so hard last night.

The saddledome was BUSTING with cowboys. I got tickets to the Brad Paisley concert thru work and some of my friends down in Utah had been to the concert a couple weeks prior and said they had the time of their lives, so I figured free tickets, I like some of his stuff why not.

Layla on the other had(I was slightly worried about) She's new to country musics and I thought she'd be bored. Her facebook status was something like "on my way to Brad Paisley...don't know any of his songs, or what he looks like, but I'm sure it'll be fun" She got SOOOO much hate on her status because of that. So many people were jealous we were there, nevermind for FREE. We had decent seats too. I was slightly surprised.

Daruis Rucker was the opener for him and I had seen him when he opened for Keith Urban last Sept, so I knew he was good, but boy did I forget how good he was. Layla knew some of those songs so she was a happy girl. Turns out she knew some of BP's songs too and so she was lovin it. We were clappin our hands and tappin our toes.

.Good times.

I loved cowboys alot last night, good thing I had the night to sleep on it. I don't love them so much anymore. I'm very pursuadable(is that a word) cause if it, that's what I am. I go with the flow, and I am very impulsive. I was ready to marry a cowboy right then and there.

However, I had to remember that these were mostly urban cowboys. ha. They'd be back in suits working downtown tomorrow tho. That's hott. :) I'd take those cowboys any day.

I got a pretty un cool pic in my head after my friend Vi posted on my wall that she'd hook me up with her brother, a kid I went to highschool with who is a REAL cowboy. I didn't like that so much, so I decided cowboys aren't for me. Only pretend urban cowboys.


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